Hello Again!

After a long time of waiting, patience and deciphering our worldly wants and wishes in a new website, we are finally here!  In the same pursuit we have for finding the right mix of product of service for a sign, we finally found the right mix for our web presence.

We chose Appnet.com to fulfill our vision and presentation of our company to you via the magnificent World Wide Web, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for the same pursuit.  It was said decades ago, that we would come to depend on the internet for more than just sending a message or storing data.  We have not begun to reach the potential of what it will bring as humanity or as a company.  We have explored many assets it will offer in the future, but for now, we just want to show you what we can do.

There are many surprises to come, but this is our fresh start of a new beginning after 3 years of pursuit to get it done.  It has been said that HarringtonGraphics.com is a well-kept secret in the sign world, so get ready, because we are going to shout it out at the top of the world!  As you navigate through our new website, take time to look at our Products & Services and our Process.  Another cool thing to review as it builds is the Portfolio, it will show our versatility for clients.  We aren’t just a vehicle wrap company, and we aren’t just a banner maker, we are a versatile, Sign Company, with many ways to provide an end product.

It all tells a story, and it’s just the beginning for us here.  New Products, Better Service, and a new promise of Sustainability, Reliability, and Dependability to you, that is a new beginning of a way of life for us.  July 1, 2024, we declare our own Independence Day from the past and into the future.  Stick around.  We’ve been here almost 41 years and not going anywhere!