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Press Release and News

SET APART – Harrington Graphics announces acquisition of d.Gen Telios large format Fabric Printer
Date: August 3, 2007

Virginia Beach, VA- According to the definition of “set apart” is “to cause to be noticed”. At HarringtonGraphics that is our goal…. to get you noticed. We want your sign to make you stand out.

What sets HarringtonGraphics apart? We realize that you can get large format digital prints at a number of other dotcom’s. However, it is our great one on one customer service and attention to the smallest detail that makes us an industry leader. Our belief in constant equipment upgrades and our diligent educational efforts, HarringtonGraphics is poised to take your digital printing needs from the present to the future.

Our newest acquisition, the d.Gen Teleios, prints directly to polyester fabric using eight Epson print heads and dual CMYK textile ink at resolutions up to 720dpi, in sizes up to 74” wide x 150’ long without a seam. Larger prints can be tiled together in our sewing department. By sublimating directly on to the fabric we can provide high quality images on fabric. This technology ensures bright, saturated colors on both sides of the fabric, making it a perfect solution for flags, banners, trade-show graphics, awnings, table skirts, and interior décor.

A precise textile feeder enables the printer to perfectly feed very thin fabrics such as chiffon, and it is equipped with an ink tray which prevents thin media from getting stained.
Additional advantages of fabric prints include light weight applications that can be folded without risk of wrinkle, and washed without risk of fading.

Keeping up to date is important to us because it keeps our clients on the cutting edge of design, color and display techniques that will capture the attention of the target audience, optimizing each advertising dollar.

The Webster Dictionary describes “set apart” as “to select something or someone for a specific purpose”. We invite you to select HarringtonGraphics for your printing purpose.

   HarringtonGraphics 1411 Air Rail Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23455
   Ph: (757) 363-1600   Fax: (757) 363-0772
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